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The current version of the Chesapeake Bay Facility Assessment Scenario Tool (BayFAST) is based on the Watershed Model Phase 5.3.2. BayFAST will be transitioned to the Phase 6 model version after Phase 6 is released by the Chesapeake Bay Program.

FAQs about the transition to Phase 6

The Chesapeake Bay Facility Assessment Scenario Tool (BayFAST) allows users to rapidly develop scenarios with varying best management practices. BayFAST allows users to define their parcel boundaries and land uses.

Output includes nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment loads from all sectors and sources, acres of each BMP, and costs for the scenario for any area in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. These loads are consistent with the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Watershed Model. BayFAST also provides inputs to the Chesapeake Bay Program computer models.

Users can compare among scenarios to select the practices that reduce the most pollution, are most cost-effective, and target these practices to the highest impact areas. Scenarios can be used for TMDL Watershed Implementation Plans, Milestones, or for local planning purposes.